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Company Profile

We Veksler Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in India of all types of technologically advanced process instruments. Catering to the needs and requirements of process industries, our instruments are carefully manufactured keeping in mind its safety requirements and application area.
With the use of high technology, application knowledge and global presence, we offer products like Rotameter, Tubular Level Gauge, Reflex & Transparent Level Gauge, Magnetic Level Indicator, Float & Board Type Level Indicator, Side Mounted Level Switch, Manometer, Diaphragm Sealed Gauges, Magnetic Float Operated Level Transmitter, Top Mounted Float Level Switches, Displacer Level Switch and Digital Pressure / Vacuum Indicator .

Product Range

We offer a wide range of rota meter, which are used to measure flow rate of fluids or gases...
Reflex & Transparent Level GaugeReflex & Transparent Level Gauge
They are designed for measurement of liquid level in tanks under high pressure & temperature...
Side Mounted Level SwitchSide Mounted Level Switch
Most economical, maintenance free and a very reliable device for point level switching ...
Tubular Level GaugeTubular Level Gauge
Our range of tubular level gauge are used for visual liquid level indication and is the most commonly...
Float & Board Type Level IndicatorFloat & Board Type Level Indicator
These indicators are used for large tanks/vessels. The specific gravity should be more than 0.6...
Pressure GaugesPressure Gauges
Industrial Pressure Gauges, Digital Pressure / Vaccum Indicator, Glycerine Filled pressure gauges...
Digital Pressure / Vaccum Indicator,Metal Tube Rotameter,Acrylic Body Manometer,Bye Pass Rotameter