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Side Mounted Level Switch

Side Mounted Level Switch,Manufacturers Side Mounted Level SwitchIt is an economical, maintenance free and a very reliable device used for high, low or intermediate point level switching. It is ideal for tanks with inaccessible tops or bottoms and where insertion depths of top mounted models are exceeded. The construction is compact & rugged with a free moving pivoted float assembly. The Switch assembly is mounted in a non-magnetic material to achieve undisturbed magnetic flux. It employs dual magnets, one linked with the float arm and other by the contract carriers housed in the switch enclosure. Change in the liquid level brings the like poles of dual magnets opposite to each other & resulting repulsion force ensures a changeover of contacts with snap action. The magnetic transmission is glandless so there is no scope of leakage from vessel into switch housing. These switches are manufactured in various materials and enclosures to suit broad range of media/applications. They are designed to provide high repeatability and to minimize effects of shock, vibration & pressure.
  • Most economical, maintenance free and a very reliable device for point level switching
  • Dual permanent Alnico magnets
  • +/-2 mm repeatability
  • 40/50/65/80 or 100 NB Flange drilled to ASA 150#
  • Cast Al, weatherproof to IP 56/IP65 or ex-proof Gr.IIA & B or II C Enclosure
  • 3/4" ET / 1/2" NPT Electrical connection
  • SS 304/SS 316/SS 316L/PP/PTEE Float & Watted Parts
  • 0.6 min Sp. Gr Depending upon float material and dimensions
  • Micro switch rated at 5 Amp, 220 VAC, SPDT/DPDT/ Air break type also available
  • Load /Insulation: Resistive, 150 Mega ohms at 1.5KV
  • Internal and External mounting thhrough a chamber/Cage
  • 20 KG/cm2 max pr at ambient temp. Special design available for higher pressures
  • 150oC max temp for standard model & upto 350oC depending upon float meterial, switch elements and mounting

These can be mounted internally or externally through a chamber. External mounting is preferred where space is a limiting factor or mechanical devices like stirrers operate in the tank. In applications like boilers, reaction kettles etc., external mounting ensures isolation for servicing. The switch can be wired directly "to make or break electrical circuits" of burners, heaters, motor-pumps, alarms and other such electrically operated devices.


  • Installation : Side/ top for special applications
  • Switching enclosure : Cast Aluminium, weatherproof to IP 56/ IP 65 or ex-proof For Gr. II A & II B or II C.
  • Electrical Connection : Brass, " ET/ " NPT
  • Float : SS 304/ SS 316/ SS 316L/ PP/ PTFE
  • Min. Sp. Gravity : 0.6 depending upon float material and dimensions
  • Process Connection : 40, 50, 65 or 80 mm Flanged as per ASA 150#.
  • Switch : Micro (max. temp.-150C).
  • Switching Capacity : 6 Amp, 230 V AC
  • Repeatability : +/- 2 mm
  • Load/ insulation : Resistive/ 150 mega ohms at 500V DC
  • Max. Pressure : upto 20 kg/cm at ambient temp. Special design available For higher pressures.
  • Max. Temp. : upto 350C depending upon float material & switch Elements.

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