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Sight Flow Indicator

Sight Flow Indicator,Manufacturers Sight Flow IndicatorVeksler Engineering is reputed manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in India of Level Indicators. Our Sight Flow Indicator is device used between any kinds of non-transparent pipeline to observe the flow of liquid. It can be used in horizontal as well as vertical pipeline and the construction is such that it gives a complete view from every angle. It consists of a glass tube, one metal frame of CS/SS 304/SS 316/PP/Teflon, a pair of PTFE bushes and packing rings. Glass tube is borosilicate which is highly heat & chemical resistant and has low thermal expansion. The metal frame is made from two flanges, welded with studs so that the stress and vibrations of the pipeline are not transferred to the glass pipe section. The check nuts keep the pipe section in compression and provides for ease in replacement. Tje Teflon bushes on both insides ensure that the fluid does not come in contact with metal frame. The Flange drilling can be done as per any standard table - ASA 150, BS or DIN.

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