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Displacer Level Switch,Manufacturers Displacer Level SwitchThese Switches are the most versatile for level control and have advantages over float type switches in the control of agitated liquids paints-varnishes & heavy oil and foaming liquids. The Displacer weight is heavier than the liquid which is suspended by a spring. When the liquid rises the displacer looses the weight, this causes the spring to retract slightly to a new equilibrium position. This retract of the spring interchanges the position of the Magnet provided at the top and actuates the switch. Upto three independent switch junctions are available in the single unit, with broad choice of operating sequences. These are flange mounted and are available with a choice of material of construction.It is based on buoyancy principle and is available in different material of construction for a variety of switching functions. The instrument can be used for level switching function in large tanks upto 15m, in turbulent liquids and even without steel pipes. The switch position can be adjusted at site depending upon the requirement. It works reliably upto 200 C temperature & 40 Kg/cm pressure. The Material of construction may be MS, SS304/SS316 or PP and the enclosure protection confirms to IP56/IP65/Ex-proof IIA & IIB or IIC. It is economical for large vessels & can be easily transported.
  • Based on Buoyancy Principle, displacer suspended by a spring
  • Versatile for level control and have advantages over float type switches
  • Best for agitated liquids like - paint & varnishes, heavy oil and foaming liquids
  • Displacer Adjustable at any point
  • SS 304/SS 316/PP/PTEF Displacer
  • Explosion Proof/Weatherproof Connection Box
  • Standard upto 15 meter length
  • Single/Multiple Displacers, max upto 3 displacers
  • Micro Switch Operated rated at 5 or 15 Amp 220 VAC

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