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Transparent Level Gauge

Transparent Level Gauge,Manufacturers Transparent Level GaugeTransparent Level Gauge (TPLG-19) is designed for measurement of liquid level in tanks under high pressure and temperature conditions. It consists of double flat glass mounted opposite to each other on a chamber. The glasses are held together by studs through cover plates. It is used for interface services or when the process is dirty or viscous. The chamber is available in a variety of metallurgy i.e. PP, CS, MS, SS304, SS316, SS 316L etc. The isolation valves can also be supplied in different metallurgy depending upon process fluid.

Features of Transparent Level Gauge

  • Tempered borosilicate glass, resistant to chemicals, thermal & mechanical shocks
  • Choice of medium and high pressure designs is available in various body & gaskets materials to suit process conditions.
  • Trouble free operation, but requires occasional cleaning.
  • Large chamber construction available for boiling, foaming, flashing or surging liquids.
  • Weld Pad construction is also available for liquids containing suspended solids, or for location where piping is not acceptable or space is limited.
  • Internal Mica/ Plastic Shields for glass protection from services like caustic, hydrofluoric acid & steam drums above 250 psig.
  • Accessories & special features like isolating valves, safety ball check, scale, illuminator, frost free, heating/ cooling arrangements are avaiable.

Standard Specifications of Transparent Level Gauge

  • Construction : Standard/Large chamber or weld pad
  • Glass Plates : Tempered borosilicate (indigenous or klinger) in 30 mm width as Standard
  • Sealing Gasket/cushion : CAF, PTFE (Indigenous) or Klingerite
  • Body : MS, CS, SS304, SS316, PP as standard
  • Cover Plate : MS, CS, SS304, SS316, PP as standard
  • Bolts/ Nuts : MS or Graded Alloy steel for high temperature.
  • C/C Distance : 1600 mm in single length. Extended ranges through a Coupler
  • Chamber Entry : Top or side/ Rear
  • Connection : Flanged, Screwed with vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Vent/ Drain : " plug (BSP/NPT)
  • Drain Valve : " Needle/Ball/Diaphragm Type if required
  • Max. Pressure : 0-30 Kg/cm (Indigenous glass), 0-65 (Klinger glass)
  • Max. Temperature : 0-300C (Indigenous glass), 0-400 (Klinger glass)
  • Scale : Al/SS scale calibrated for level values in mm/inches With LC 5 mm as standard or 1 mm on request.

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