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RF (Radio Frequency) type Level Switch

RF (Radio Frequency) type Level Switch,Manufacturers RF (Radio Frequency) type Level SwitchRF (Radio Frequency) Level Sensors are designed considering characteristics and behavior of different materials - Solids (in their granular form), Fluids and Liquids. The important conditions that are taken into consideration include: Coating, Temperature, Suspended particles and mechanical damage.
  • Comprises of two parts - a sensing probe and an electronic controller
  • Designed considering characteristics and behavior of different materials - Solids (in their granular form), fluids and liquids.
  • Resistant to Coating, Temperature, Suspended particles, splashing, mechanical damage
  • 220/110/24 VAC 50/60 Hz Power Supply
  • Electronic Controller in a dust proof enclosure and suitable for outdoor duty
  • Should be connected through a coaxial cable to the sensing probe
  • SPDT/DPDT relay output, rated 5 Amp. 220 VAC
  • Fail safe, high or low level
  • Local LED indications - 'Normal', 'Alarm', 'Healthy Probe'
  • Remote installation upto 100 feet from Probe.
  • Cable Entry - ET for probe connection. Or as specified
    Cable Entry - ET for power/control cable Or specified
  • Our level Sensor are unaffected by coating and accumulation of material on the sensor, sensing element or on side walls.
  • Sensor does not have element sensitive to temperature.
  • Level Sensor is unaffected by suspended particles, splashing or turbulence.
  • Extraction or filling of material exerts various mechanical forces on anything that protrudes inside the vessel. Long insertions of sensors from the sides of the vessel are prone to damage.
Veksler's RF Level Switch comprises of two parts - a sensing Probe and an electronic controller. The sensing probe head is Explosion proof to cover the terminals of the RF signal cable. The probe contains no electronics or any other sensitive element. The Electronic Controller is separately housed in a dust proof enclosure and is suitable for outdoor duty. It can be mounted at a convenient location near the sensor. It contains the main circuitry and should be connected through a coaxial cable to the Sensing Probe.

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