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Top Mounted Level Switch

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Top Mounted Level Switch (TLS-19)

The VEKSLER Top Mounted Level Switches (TLS-19) is highly reliable and a low cost instrument. It can be used for small tanks as well as large vessels depending upon individual customer's requirement.

It consists of a guide pipe made from SS 304/SS 316, a magnetic float of SS 316 that moves on the tube with rise and fall of level. Hermetically sealed reed switches are housed in the guide pipe. The switches can be fixed at any position through out the length of the pipe. But the position should be defined at the time of order as it cannot be changed at site. The factory set accuracy is +/-5mm. Since it works on magnetic principle, there is no mechanical connection and hence the chances of any wear/tear, fluid contamination are eliminated.

The process connection is 3 NB Flange as per ASA 150# or any other standard as per individuals requirement. The Floats are hydro tested to work at 15 Kg/cm2. Floats for higher pressure can also be supplied. The working temperature is 90 Deg C.

These are very useful for Diesel/Furnace Oil Day tanks and are supplied with IP65/EX-PROOF Gr 11A & 11B enclosures. The other applications include vending machines, small tanks, pumping stations, water tanks. Optional Relay units are available for higher current ratings.

It can be wired with low load; however high resistive/inductive loads should be connected in series through control unit. This instruments is PC/PLC< DCS, Alarm Annunciator configurable.

  • Very reliable yet a low cost instrument
  • +/- 5mm accuracy
  • Available in Single & Multiple Floats
  • Hermetically sealed magnetic switches at pre fixed positions in the guide pipe
  • Reed Switch Operation
  • 2" / 3" MS Flanged connectino as per ASA 150# or as per customer's requirement
  • Can be wired directly with low load, use control (Relay) unit for high resistive/inductive loads
  • Available in Ex-Proof Gr IIA & IIB/Weather proof connection box
  • Max. Pressure Upto 20 Kg/cm and 80 Deg C temperature
  • Custom designed to your exact guide length and float dimensions
  • Side mounted bracket available for easy installation in open tanks / sumps
  • PC/PLC/DCS, Alarm Annunciator configurable
  • Also Available in External Cage Type
  • 3 Flanged Connection as per ASA 150# or Any Other Standard
  • Flame Proof/Weather Proof Connection Box
  • Guided Tube : SS 304/ SS 316

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