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Purge Rotameter

Purge Rotameter,Manufacturers Purge RotameterVEKSLER (PR-19) Glass tube Purge Rotameter is econmical and suitable for low flow rate indication for fluids. These are available in all standard material of construction and can be offered with a flow regulating needle valve to give a constant flow irrespective of the supply or upstream pressure.

Features of Purge Rotameter

  • Suitable for Gas liquid flows for a maximum temp of 95 Deg C
  • Customized scale for readout in any desired unit
  • Attractive appearance for panel mounting
  • Wide choice of material to suit all applications
  • 1/4", 1/2" threaded rear and top connections
  • Transparent acrylic/ glass cover
  • Optional differential pressure regulator and alarms.
  • 0.6 to 160 LPH for water and 10 to 4500 NLPH at NTP for air Accuracy +/-3% of for full scale

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