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Magnetic Float Operated Guided Level Transmitter

Magnetic Float Operated Guided Level Transmitter,Manufacturers Magnetic Float Operated Guided Level TransmitterIt is used for continuous level indication and control for any liquid that is chemically compatible with its wetted parts. It has an accuracy upto 0.5% FSD and can be used upto 90 deg C temp. & 20 kg/cm2 pressure. The maximum length that can be supplied is 3 meters. It is available in different material of construction like SS304, SS316, PVC and PP & with different Float sizes. The enclosure is IP56/IP65/Ex-proof Gr IIA & IIB approved to suit various service condition & application. It is factory calibrated and requires no calibration at site. It is simple to install and is supplied with 3" NB ASA 150# Flange.Features

  • Top mounted type and is used for continuous level indication
  • Resistance/ Reed switch Contact Chain, Max. 3 Mtr Length
  • 4-20 mA O/P-2, 3 or 4 wire /0-10 VDC output or as required
  • Application includes tanks of Oil, Fuels, Chemicals, Pure/Industrial Water, Ship/LPG, Critical Inventory, Pharmaceutical Plants etc.
  • 3 " NB MS flange drilled to ASA 150# as standard and other connection on demand
  • Accuracy : 1 cm, 90 Deg C max Temperature, 20 Bar max Pressure
  • SS 304/316/PVC/PP/PTFE Guide Tube & Float
  • Adjustable Multiple Alarm Contacts on Electronic Controller
  • IP56/IP65/Ex-Proof Gr IIA & IIB approved inclosure
  • Top Mounting with 80 NB Flanged Connection
  • Customized Length upto 3 Mtrs

Applications: Tanks of Oils, fuels, chemicals, Pure/Industrial water, ship/LPG tanks, critical Inventory, Pharmaceutical plants etc.

Construction & Operations
It comprises of a level transducer and a transmitter. The transducer consists of a float & guide tube assembly in non-magnetic material to achieve undisturbed flux. A chain of closely spaced glass encapsulated reed switches & a resistor is placed inside the tube. During rise and fall of liquid level, the float moves & actuates a reed switch in the chain, through a magnet system within it and develops a proportional voltage. The operation is similar to a sliding resistance potentiometer. The sensed voltage is fed to the transmitter for conversion to a signal of 4-20 mA, which can be either processed through a display unit to give a digital indication, with or without alarm set points or employed for use with Process Indicator, PLC/DCS or Recorders.



  • Measuring Range : 3 meters max.
  • Accuracy : +/- 10 mm
  • Installation : Top Mounted
  • Terminal Enclosure : Cast Aluminium, weather proof to IP 56/65 and Ex. Proof For Gr. II A & II B/ Gr IIC
  • Conduit Connection : Brass, " ET or " NPT
  • Wetted Parts : SS304, SS316 or PP
  • Float : SS 316, Magnetic
  • Process Connection : Flanged to BS/ ANSI/ ASA/DIN
  • Min Liquid Sp. Gr. : 0.7
  • Max. Temperature : 60C (PP) / 90C (SS)
  • Test pressure : 3 kg/cm (PP)/ 10 Kg/cm (SS)


  • Wiring System : 2 wire/ 3 wire
  • Input : variable resistance from transducer
  • Output : 4 - 20 mA/0 - 10 VDC
  • Max. Load : 400 ohms
  • Supply : 24 VDC


  • Digital Display : 3"or 4" digits
  • Power Supply : 24 VDC/110 VAC/230 VAC
  • Enclosure : Panel/Wall mounted
  • Set Points (Optional) : One to four
  • O/P Relay Contacts : 5 A, 230 VAC

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