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Float & Board Type Level Gauge

Float & Board Type Level Gauge,Manufacturers Float & Board Type Level GaugeLeading manufacturers and suppliers in India of Level Gauge. Float and Board Level Gauge FLG-19) are normally used for large tanks/vessels. The specific gravity of the fluid should be more than 0.6 . Float is available in different material SS 304/SS316/PP/Teflon etc. The float is guided inside the tank with the help of anchor plate and guide wires. 6" wide scale is supplied along with the indicating pointer. The pointer and float are connected through a steel wire that travels through two pulleys for smooth working. These Pulleys are put inside weather proof housings and are on the top of the tank.

Float inside the tank rises and falls with the level of fluid; this makes the pointer move on the scale indicating level inside the tank.

  • Used for Level Indication in large tanks/vessels for liquid with S.G 0.6 or more
  • Float guided by anchor plate at bottom and spring assembly at top of tank
  • 6" wide Alluminium/MS Powder coated scale in black colour with white stickers
  • Indication of Gauge Board, 10 mm wide graduation, minor marking at every 100 mm in white figures of 40 mm height, major markings at 1000 mm in white stickers of 70 mm height
  • Float available in SS 304 / SS 316 / PP / Telfon in 12" and 6 " dia
  • Nylon pulleys with weather proof Pulley housings
  • Guide wire spring assembly with SS Guide wires
  • Gauge Board Support Assembly : MS Painted/Powder coated
  • MS Powder coated Indicator (Red) Assembly
  • Also available Vaccum Seal type for corrosive fluids



On Gauge Board, Graduation: 10 mm wide, Minor marking at every 100 mm in white figures of 40 mm height, major markings at 1000 mm in white stickers of 70 mm height.

Float SS 304/316/PP/Teflon, 12 OR 6 dia.
Guide Wire spring assembly with SS guide wires
90 Elbow
Bottom Anchor SS/MS
Gauge Board with MS mounting brackets, nuts, bolts, & washers
Guide wire Cable tensioning Assembly

Material Of Construction:

Gauge Board Al. Powder coated in black
Gauge Board Support Assembly MS Painted
Gauge Board Connection Assembly MS painted
Indicator Assembly MS Powder coated
Guide Wire SS.

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