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Reflex Level Gauge,Manufacturers Reflex Level GaugeWe are a leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of various Level Gauge in India. Reflex Level Gauge (RLG-19) is designed for measurement of liquid level in vessels under high pressure & temperature conditions. It is a flat glass gauge, which has precision Moulded prismatic grooves cut on its inner side coming in contact with the medium. Light striking the glass covered by liquid is refracted (absorbed) into the liquid making this portion appear black, whereas light covering the vapor space is reflected back towards the viewers, making it appear silvery-white. Thus, a sharp clear line marks the liquid, eliminating all possibilities of errors in reading.

Features of Reflex Level Gauge

  • Designed for liquid level indication in vessels under high pressure & Temperature conditions.
  • PP, CS, MS, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L Chambers and isolation valves.
  • Chamber machined from 40 mm square bar with 1/2" BSP drain & Vent plugs.
  • Tempered borosilicate glass (Indigeneour/Klingerite), resistant to chemicals, thermal & mechanical shocks.
  • Working pressure 65 kg/cm2 max and 4500 C temperature.
  • Graded Alloy Steel U Bolts, Nuts and Studs as std and SS on demand.
  • Flanged connection drilled to ASA 150# or as per customer's requirement.
  • Choice of medium and high pressure designs in various body & gaskets materials to suit process media and temperature.
  • Trouble free operation, except for occasional cleaning.
  • Large chamber construction available for boiling, foaming, flashing or surging liquids.
  • Weld Pad construction available for liquids containing suspended solids, or for situations, where piping is not acceptable or space is a limiting factor.
  • Isolating valves, safety ball check, scale, illuminator, frost free, heating/cooling arrangement are optional.
  • Variety of accessories & special features like isolating valves, safety ball check, scale illuminator, frost free heating/ cooling arrangements.

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