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  • Construction : Our manometers are fabricated from imported and virgin acrylic, 25 to 30 mm thick solid block.
  • The acrylic is virtually unbreakable.
  • Fittings : As per customer's requirement. Std: " BSP(F) OR Nozzle type.
  • Mounting : Wall/Panel/Stand mounting.
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.1% of FSD.
  • Scale : Milky white PVC scale with black markings.
  • Arrangement : Zero adjusti
Acrylic Body Manometer, Acrylic Body Manometer Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Industrial Grade Manometers have Alluminium casing from three sides with transparent acrylic front. The metering Tube is uniform bore, thick walled Borosilicate glass and the meter body is powder coated. Scale is Alluminium Anodized with PVC/PP/SS304 wetted parts. The end connections may be " BSP, " BSP OR Nozzle type. Mounting available is wall/Panel/Stand type. All manometers are supplied with
Industrial Grade Manometer, Industrial Grade Manometer Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Single limb well type direct reading manometers are used for precise measurement of pressure, vacuum, differential pressure. The well type single limb manometer is highly accurate and versatile for many applications. The manometer is available in single or multiple tubes. All scales are graduated to correct the drop in the well level. The scale can be adjusted slightly to match zero after liquid f

U-Tube Manometers used for precision measurement of pressure, vacuum, differential pressure and flow in industrial applications. These too have borosilicate glass tubes of 8 mm dia which are terminated in a SS/PP block with Teflon/neoprene packing rings. Scale is graduated in mm and can be adjusted slightly to match zero.

Veksler inclined manometers are available in wall mounting, flush mounting and base mounting versions. These manometers are used to measure very low pressure, low draft or small differential pressure changes in gas flow metering etc. Features include: built in reservoir, bubble gauge for leveling, external zero adjuster, filling and drain plug, front cover and expanded scale. These have high sensi

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